Concerning the 1.3 Update

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Concerning the 1.3 Update

Post  sithcub on Sat Aug 04, 2012 10:50 pm

Minecraft 1.3 is out, which is great... but this poses many problems for BadgerCraft as a stable version of bukkit 1.3.1 has yet to be released.

We will still be running 1.2.5 until this stable version and our mods have been updated.

If you attempt to log-in with 1.3.1 you will recieve this error: Internal Exception: Connection Reset


You can either do one of two things to get back to your building:

#1 - Replace your 1.3.1 jar file

Download the old 1.2.5 jar file from here.
Replace your minecraft.jar in the C:\Users\(User)\AppData\Roaming\.minecraft\bin folder!
Log in and your done! (Remember not to update!)

#2 - Download this awesome launcher!

The Digiex launcher allows you to download and play on any release of minecraft that has ever been released quickly and easily!

To get the launcher, click here!

As soon as we have updated to 1.3.1 we will let you know!

Sorry for any inconvenience!

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well at least now i know why.

Post  minefriek on Sun Aug 05, 2012 11:02 pm

bukkit better hurry up.

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Re: Concerning the 1.3 Update

Post  josh7900 on Fri Aug 24, 2012 9:33 pm

minefriek wrote:bukkit better hurry up.
Razz watching a youtube video about this server makes me want to play minecraft again.

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Re: Concerning the 1.3 Update

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