Orbital City Update 2

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Orbital City Update 2 Empty Orbital City Update 2

Post  minefriek on Sun Jul 29, 2012 2:59 am

Ive noticed that not many people saw my first update in the creative part of the forum so from now on i'll post them here and everyone is welcome to input advice and i'll place up the coords next time I'm on. Town centre is now complete. the turbines are keeping it in the air and an arrow on the ground is pointing up to it. There is a small track track to walk your dog on going around berry bushes and a rainforest tree. there is a library and a luxury outdoor seating area with quality wooden furniture where you can sit and see the ground far below, to chat and read. the library is also where you access the first residential sector with what will be four towers with several small apartments across many floors. there will be ten residential blocks in all and a commercial sector. if you have a good name for this city please leave it in the comments.

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