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The State of the Game Empty The State of the Game

Post  sithcub on Sun Oct 07, 2012 9:01 pm

We've been quiet in terms of BadgerCraft for around a month now as we have been creating lots of content for the SubliminalRealm YouTube channel.

But we haven't forgotten you!
We are incredibly close to becoming a public server, and as we originally promised, we will going public by christmas this year!

Here is a list of what we have been working on over the past month and what we will be working on from now until release:

Server Release:
Over the past month we have been preparing our files for this radical change, and have been in vigorous talks with each other on how we are going to be going around doing this.

We've also heard reports about griefing on the server, so are currently discussing a way to combat this.
We plan to have a big event on the release of the server (do I hear time-lapse anyone) and will be publishing this on the SubliminalRealm channel. So this is somthing to look forward to.

We have decided that release will happen as soon as we release BadgerCraft 1.2.

BadgerCraft 1.2

A few months ago, we promised a whole load of new features.

However, we ran into some trouble with our plugins with the release of Minecraft 1.3. We have been in touch with many of the plugin makers and have been told that most of our plugins will be ready for 1.4 when it comes out.

This means as soon as Bukkit 1.4 comes out (Around Halloween time) and all of our mods have been updated (Around a week after) then we will start to roll out 1.2 properly, finally giving you all of these new features.

After Release

After release, we will not stop there. We have big plans for the future which are currently under wraps, I can tell you now, be excited!

So there are the main things that we need to do before we go public. Here is our schedule to let you know.

Update to 1.4 - Halloween 2012
Bring in BadgerCraft 1.2 features - End of November
Release - Before Christmas 2012

However, the server still needs some testing before we can get features to work like this.
Keep building, keep mining and keep the community going strong! You may not think you are helping, but don't worry, you are!

We feel incredibly passionate about making the whole "BadgerCraft experience" 100% awesome. Which many of you amazing people share with us!

Thank-you for your ongoing support! Smile

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The State of the Game Empty Yay.

Post  TP5073 on Sun Oct 21, 2012 12:21 am

I can't wait for BadgerCraft 1.2!!! Keep up the good work dudes. Very Happy Oh, and by the way, I thought of a name for the currency instead of Monies... BadgerBucks! Shortened, they can be called BB's. Good luck!!!

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