Celebrate the London 2012 Olympics!

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Celebrate the London 2012 Olympics! Empty Celebrate the London 2012 Olympics!

Post  danny81299 on Sat Aug 04, 2012 11:51 am

To celebrate the london 2012 olympics, i built a logo in creative. It's in the creative world an has light up olympic rings. THe coordinates for it are (x,y,z) (-204, 141, 303). It is required that you use at least short render distance and it is advised that you stand on the diamond block. In addition it looks great (in my opinion) at night so you may want to wait around for a while.

Credit for the redstone goes to Joshuelavid, as well as sithcub and MrSubliminal for moving the logo to a different location so it isn't obstructed by other objects.

I would provide an image but the f2 button doesn't want to cooperate Sad

I hope everybody's enjoying the olympics so far!

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