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BadgerCraft 1.2 Launch Giveaway! Empty BadgerCraft 1.2 Launch Giveaway!

Post  sithcub on Wed Jul 11, 2012 1:43 am

BadgerCraft 1.2 Launch Giveaway! E6x0s2

To celebrate the release of our first official server patch (1.2), the BadgerCraft Team will be giving away 20 beta keys for the third and final Guild Wars 2 beta weekend event (BWE) this July 20th - 22nd!

We will be holding this giveaway on our Facebook Page on Thursday, July 12th at 1:00pm GMT!

To get your key, simply comment under the post that we make! If you are one of the first 20 people to comment, we will send you a message on Facebook with your the key, with instructions on how to use it!

Note: Unfortunatly, these beta keys are region locked and will only work in the UK & Europe. Therefore this giveaway will only be available to people living in the UK & Europe. (We are sorry to the people from other regions, but we will make sure that we offer somthing awesome for you next time!)

Q: I got a code! How do I get access to the beta?

To get started, please take your key and enter it here:

This step is critical!
If you have an email address associated with ArenaNet (by participating in the last beta test in March, or if you have a Guild Wars 1 account), select Yes on the registration page and log-in with your previously created Guild Wars credentials.

If this is your first beta event for Guild Wars 2 or you do not have a Guild Wars 1 account, select No. Follow the onscreen instructions for setting up an account.

Once you’ve completed the beta key registration process, you can expect an email prior to the event detailing how to download the client.

If you have any trouble, please visit:

Terms and Conditions:
Keys will be given out one per person on a FIRST COME FIRST SERVER basis. You will have to be from either the UK or Europe to enter this giveaway as the keys are region locked. We will check weather you are from a European country before sending you your key so everyone can use them.
You will need Facebook to enter this giveaway as we will be holding it the BadgerCraft Facebook Page!!


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BadgerCraft 1.2 Launch Giveaway! Empty I Want a Key!! Oh Can i Also Join The Server?

Post  pay300 on Sat Jul 14, 2012 2:42 pm

I Want a Key!! Oh Can i Also Join The Server?

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