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Post  sithcub on Mon Jun 25, 2012 7:52 am

The Ranks of BadgerCraft

Many user have been asking for it, so here it is!
A detailed look at BadgerCrafts server hierarchy in ascending order!

You will find details on how to be promoted to a certain rank and the benefits it has under each specific paragraph.


When you log-on to the server for this first time, your rank is automatically set to [GreyBadger]. GreyBadgers are people who have not yet completed the Tutorial Quest. They do not have access to the Survival or Creative World and cannot place or break blocks. They can chat and explore the Multiverse islands as much as they like, but must complete their Tutorial quest before they gain rights and be promoted to a [Badgerling].

How to become a GreyBadger:
Log-in to the server for the first time.


When you have completed the Tutorial Quest you are promoted to a [Badgerling]. Badgerlings have access to the Survival World but do not yet have access to Creative.
They have access to build anywhere they choose in the survival world (providing it is not on somebody else's land or private area). They are full members of BadgerCraft.

How to become a Badgerling:
Complete the tutorial quest.

New things you get with this rank:
  • Access the Survival World
  • Use NPC Traders
  • Build!


The [Badger] Rank is the highest rank a normal member can reach. Badgers have access to survival and creative. They are allowed to build anywhere they choose in the survival and creative worlds and even have the opportunity to choose a plot in a capital city in which they can start off in.

How to become a Badger:
People with the [Badger] rank have gained the trust of the [Admin]s and [Mod]s. You can do this in a variety of ways; you can either build on the server for a few days, breaking no rules and generally being awesome, you can offer help with one of the admins builds (without being to pushy) and you could help other members that are less experienced. The key is, you dont ask... you EARN!

New things you get with this rank:
  • Access the Creative World
  • Become a member of a town (coming soon)
  • Send Letters to Friends! (Courier Plugin)


Founders are users that took part in the BadgerCraft [Founder] project that ran from June 2012 to the end of 2012. These people were to first users that ever came on BadgerCraft, they helped test all of the plugins and help shape the experience.

How to become a Founder:
You sign up to the [Founder] Project by clicking here.

New things you get with this rank:
  • BadgerCraft Permissions+
  • Timelapse & Video Opportunities
  • Access to the VIP Area
  • Server access before anyone else!


Donators are people who have donated money to us. (We currently havent finalized any donator details but will in the following weeks)

How to become a Donator:
Donate a small amount of money to us! (You cant yet)

New things you get with this rank:
  • TBA!


VIPs are people that the Admin team know in the real world. They are the Moderator's second eyes are will not hesitate to report and control any situation that comes to hand. VIPs rights are exactly the same as [Badgers] except they can access the VIP area and they have the pleasure of knowing us.

How to become a VIP:
You cant. We know all of the VIPs in real-life.


Moderators are the Law and Order on the server. If you ever need help with anything, just type "/helpop" followed by your message and a Moderator will soon get to you. Moderators can kick, ban and jail. They also ave the ability to use /vanish so one could be on the server at ANY time! So no funny business.

How to become a Mod:
Hopeful moderators are brought to a secluded area, often caged, and then given an intoxicating medicine known as wysoccan, an extremely dangerous hallucinogen that is said to be 100 times more powerful than LSD. The intention of this ritual is to force any memories of being a bad out of their minds, making them focus on protecting BadgerCraft.


People with the [Admin] tag are the main three members of SubliminalRealm. They are calledMrSubliminal, sithcub and DROP_DEAD_FTW. These three people brought BadgerCraft to you and also regular players. If you ever see one of them on the server, a simple "good day!" will suffice! They have every command known to man so if you need help or technical support, these are your people!

How to become an Admin:

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