Christmas/New Year's Live-stream 2012

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Christmas/New Year's Live-stream 2012 Empty Christmas/New Year's Live-stream 2012

Post  sithcub on Sun Dec 30, 2012 9:18 am

We will be holding a live-stream very soon to commemorate
Jesus' 2012th birthday and the passing of the last annum.

Christmas/New Year's Live-stream 2012 315dhtg


The live-stream will be held on:

01/01/2012 at 7:00pm GMT
To find out what time we will be starting in your country click here

To watch the livestream, visit

Livestream Countdown


We will also be hosting a party on BadgerCraft during the stream,
so make sure you join us online!
The ip is ( if you didn't know already!

    Costume Contest:-
    Get those Christmas skins ready! We will be having our traditional live-stream costume party! Hosted by Eddiefox!*

    Firework Contest:-
    It wouldn't be new year without fireworks right? But whose will be the best? Hosted by Eddiefox!*

    A Special Suprise:-
    This might not be as exciting as you think it is and is mainly a ploy to make you come, but a surprise is a surprise right?**

Again, to watch the livestream, visit:

*If Eddie can make it
** Surprise may be very diappointing

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