Bastion and the Invertere Hypogaium

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Bastion and the Invertere Hypogaium

Post  ChompytehPenguin on Tue Nov 20, 2012 11:02 am

Bastion is a city idea I've had growing in my ideas for a while now, and the Invertere Hypogaium is going to be the focal point of the city.

If you're wondering on the origins of Invertere Hypogaium, I can split it up into Invertere, Hypo and Gaia. Invertere is latin, and where the word 'Inverted' is derived. Hypo is the opposite of hyper, and means defective or inadequate. And Gaia, obviously, means the Earth. It will look a little like the centre of Divinity's Reach, with Gardens etc, but will also contain a colossal Cathedral/Temple. It will also be very, very high up, hence the name.

Now I've explained all the Latin, I'll get back to the main point of this thread:

Bastion is going to be huge and I will need volunteers to get resources in order for me to actually build the city.
It will indeed be in survival, and all volunteers will get a free area of their specifications (Within reason) inside the city after it's built. I will not, however, want people to build with me unless it's the walls. Sorry, but when it comes to building I get really, REALLY specific about what I want to do and I'm always changing my mind on things. Ask ItzIronMonkey - I'm a nightmare to build with, he flat out refuses to even get close any more.

Anyway, here's a materials list in a very vague order of priority (Only raw materials):
Cobblestone(retarded amount, easily 20k+)
Stone(retarded amount even more, something like 40-60k)
Oak log (retarded amount, a LOT. I use wood extensively, same goes for birch but I'm unsure)
Birch log
Glowstone (This will light the roads and temple. I will need a ridiculous amount for what it is)
Grass/Dirt (Potentially a lot, it depends on the extent of terraforming necessary)
Saplings (retarded amount)

[strike]I might get around to drawing up a very rough plan if I can find a suitable area, but don't count on it.

I made one. I was extremely bored. Whatever. This would be tiered, meaning that the main street down the center is actually getting higher and higher the further up (Along the image) you go, with the highest point being the building outline at the top. If I was to use this then I'd probably build it in the sea and have an extended area around it with docks and stuff. The two brown circles would be towers, joined in the center by a walkway/gate.

Probably not using this, I found a good location.

@Sith, Drop and Subliminal (And anyone else with WorldEdit)
As I'm sure you've probably already guessed, WorldEdit would be immensely helpful - at least for the walls and actual Bastion (Castle) itself. If you could post who has WorldEdit so I know who to ask if I need it that badly, it would be a huge help :3 thanks in advance. <3

I'll repeat: I am NOT looking for help building! Please don't ask, the answer will be no. Sorry. :c

Progress Updates

22 Nov 2012: Outer wall base mostly done, started construction on the outer wall supports and slowly filling parts in with stone brick. Right hand side of mine is finished, 3x3 tunnels are there for those that wish to help (only people I, Sirdeakia or ItzIronMonkey trust, sorry). We'll add you to the temp chest when we can if you ask us. We need every third diamond so we can maintain a supply of tools for helpers.

Well, fuck.

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